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Every day there are more and more programs that help the household user to better manage his money, helping him keep a certain level of control over his income and expenses.

iCash is one of those management programs that stands out mainly for its absolutely professional focus, something that undoubtedly will leave the most demanding users that are always looking for the best option for their money completely satisfied.

With iCash you can manage everything dealing with the financial transactions you make, create reports and statistics, perform all kinds of inquiries, and balance the credits and debits of your bank accounts.

As the good financial program it is, iCash doesn't put limits on its users. ICash allows you to set up different accounts so it can be used by more than one user,
manage different bank accounts, control weekly bills, or anything else that you need.

30-day trial version that allows a max of 100 transaction and 100 entries per documents.